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A glimpse of training with us

Is your dog reactive with people, dogs or both?

Reactive Bootcamp 

Does your dog lunge, growl, bark, pull, aggress at other dogs or people or is your dog fearful & can't cope around dogs/people then this bootcamp is for them?

The course breakdown:

An over the phone assessment with our behaviourist will be done before you attend bootcamp to discuss issues so they can pair you with the right dogs/people.

Week 1; You don't bring your dogs, you attend A4D centre in stockport (6a gorsey mount st, Stockport, sk13bu, off gorsey brow st) with a pad & pen to learn the methodologies

Additional session- watching a scheduled loose lead class, as tight lead is a contributing factor to many dogs reactivity.

Week 2: You watch our scheduled lead work sessions, as a tight lead promotes reactivity, there will be a couple of different night options & times

Week 3,4: three dogs out of the 6 attend each week (all dogs will have been trained on their first session by week 5).

* We then ask you to 4-6 set ups out of class, to arrange these click on the sign to our members only page on the home screen (i will then approve you), you can then join in the chat area where you can arrange set ups & then locations of your set ups is kept private.

Week 5,6: All dogs attend plus all previous boot campers are invited back to keep their training up to date & help you with yours, adding to the distractions.

*After bootcamp, we do monthly meet ups £10 (e.g. park walk, inside sessions etc) where you can attend & be re-united with your class mates progressing to higher level skill & thats we update any new training material.
You will also be invited back to the last 2 weeks of every bootcamp to join the newbies.

PLEA- without ex boot campers commitment, giving back to the next generation of bootcamp owners, it wouldn't be the atmosphere it is & the most amazing experience that owners & dogs receive, So please help out after bootcamp by attending last 2 weeks or doing set ups with the next lot of owners.


We have a website at for our bootcamp community so they can chat with other owners, enter the help notes for the course, watch videos on the course & read about the course.