We recommend 10 weeks of training for every puppy that enrols with us when under 5 months, if your puppy is older scroll down to Foundation Life Skills course. So we split them into the first 4 weeks which is young pups & last 6 weeks which is their Foundation Life Skills course. We advise to prebook both courses on booking so you don't have a 6 to 8 week wait in-between courses (we offer you a discount below for booking both).

Young pups 4 week course (for puppies under 20 weeks old)



Why would you want to come on this course?

Does your puppy toilet in the house?

Do they chew your belongings or steal?

Do they not don't listen or too energetic,

Does your puppy mouth you or the kids, getting under your feet?

Does your puppy not come when called?

Do you want to socialise your puppy the right way, making sure you know how to read the interactions & no what to do when your puppy is not doing what you want?

This class is designed to help & support you through that early puppyhood, setting them up for our dog foundations class (their last 6 weeks before graduation). They learn to problem solve, that they have choice in training, teaching them to want to work for you not just have too.

We run on a 1 trainer per 6 dogs basis

Puppy Socials (for puppies under 6 months old)

It is now 30 minutes from 12.30-1pm

This is great if you are waiting for your course with us or you missed young pups 5 month cut off or you want to do more socialisation alongside your course.

A pay as you go social session for puppies under 6 months to play with other puppies in a supervised environment, where owners can chat with the trainer (anything to do with socialisation/play (we can only give advice on other training if enrolled on young pups due to insurance policy).

These sessions are ran for 30 minutes in the inside arena at Academy 4 Dogs, with toys, tunnels & obstacles for your puppy to have fun on. 

There are two separate play areas a high energy puppy pen for our more energetic confident puppies & a separate pen for our lower energy (shy puppies).

Sessions held every Sunday 12.30-1pm. We advise on your puppies first session that you come at 12.2opm so we can go through the basics with you if your joining an established group.

We teach you good & bad play, calming your dog in play, building confidence in play, teaching manners in play, rewarding calming signals in our puppies.

It is £5 pay on the day. 

After Young Pups they can then come in to Foundation Life Skills Course at 5 months old into this class, or 4 months if they have been on our young pups course prior.

Foundation Life Skills covers (puppies over 5 months or adult dogs):

Do you want a more obedient dog? more responsive when you ask for things? for them to know what you desire of them & for an easier life when out walking & off lead with your dog? The course covers:

* House Manners
* Jumping up prevention
* Loose lead training level 2
* Recall training (whistle training) level 1
* Food Manners
* Off lead follow training
* Stationing (teaching a safe station for new experiences/environments
* Stay & Wait
* Clicker Training
* Drive to work

We run on a 1 trainer per 6 dogs basis

A glimpse of Foundation Life Skills 


Join our Pup Start Programme from extra discount on courses- 

We do 3 packages for puppies under 5 months- Bronze, Silver & Gold. Click the puppy picture to the left of this text box to go to our packages & see what they include

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A glimpse of training with us

Puppy training info below

To book call the office on 0161474999 between 11-1pm or 1-6pm Monday to Friday, they take a deposit on booking check out prices for our deposit amounts, course totals & offers under packages.