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A glimpse of training with us

Do you want a one to one session with our trainer on Obedience, Behavioural, One of our dog sports?

One to One Sessions at the Academy 4 Dogs Centre Stockport

One to one session is obedience (loose lead training, recall, jumping up, manners etc) are £60 each (1 hour long) or 3 for £150 at centre. (Park sessions are £85 for 1 hour but this is including travel time)

One to One sessions in Agility or Canine Hoopers are £30 for one, or 2 for £40 (both must be taken within a month) 30 minute duration

One to one obedience & behavioural we take 50% as a non refundable or transferrable deposit if cancelled within 48 hours however gentle walker sessions (30mins), Hoopers & Agility one to ones full balance is taken as a non refundable or transferrable deposit. If you don't show or cancel within 48 hours of a one to one you lose the balance taken as a deposit.

Home Visits

For obedience & some behavioural issues without assessment 

Each session is up to 1-2 hours long depending on issue, we come to your home & help train your issues with your dog. (most cases other than reactivity are covered at our centre.

£150 plus 0.43 per mile both ways from our office in centre of Stockport

Behavioural Counselling

Our behaviourist has been training animal since the year 2000. With behavioural issues you would need to come in for a behavioural assessment. This lasts 30-45 minutes & is there to assess severity, cause & triggers so we can design your training regime & then you come back to train it alongside us. Book your behavioural assessment by calling the office.

These are £45 (we take a £25 non refundable or transferrable deposit on booking, If you cancel within this time frame your deposit would not be transferred or refunded so if you want to rebook you would need to pay the deposit again to secure a new appointment).