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A glimpse of training with us

Have you done Foundation Life skills with us or want to progress your dog further?

Further Education 6 week Course

Have you attended our dog foundations course? or have you done obedience training classes & want to move on from the foundations in obedience? This helps progress your dog to higher level in training.

This course covers:

A course that is not just inside our purpose built arena but also out on streets & in the local parks (within 10 minute radius)

Loose lead training level 2 (moving to a higher level from the Foundation Life Skills Course

Distraction Training (improving their impulse control, bird distraction, rodent distraction etc)

Lunge prevention

Level 2 Life Skills & Learn to earn scheme

Communication skills

Stimulating the excitability in dogs & creating focus (teaching to be more calm)

Find a purpose training how much partnership versus sole activities do you do?

Parkour training

Increasing motivation

Out training (Visitors manners) & more

Ultimate Recall training (25 MAGICAL GAMES OF RECALL)

This course also includes the amazing:

Happy Hounds DTS Ultimate Recall training (3 weeks worth of material on recall)

This includes 2 outside sessions (park in summer, outside area at centre in winter)

Here is a video of the recall results you can achieve through using our methodologies


This a 6 week course (1hr each week), we work on a 1 trainer per 6 dog ratio, for prices & timetable click below.