Foundation Life Skills covers (Juniors over 5 months or adults):

Do you want a more obedient dog?

Do you want a more responsive when you ask for things? f

Do you want them to know what you desire of them & for an easier life when out walking & off lead with your dog?

This is a level 1 course which you can progress to level 2 on to further education once completed.

This course covers

* House Manners​​​​
* Jumping up prevention
* Loose lead training level 2
* Recall training (whistle training) level 1
* Food Manners
* Off lead follow training
* Stationing (teaching a safe station for new experiences/environments
* Stay & Wait
* ​​​​​​​​Clicker Training
* Drive to work

We run on a 1 trainer per 6 dogs basis

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